Zokrym is the leader of the Dolotaï Guardians and the region of Ranzaar.

Though he is in charge of the resistance movement against Fae Rhan, he steadfastly stands against the use of violence, instead following the pacifistic teachings of the prophet Kazar. This tends to put him at odds with his son Jan, who rejects Zokrym's peaceful ways and wants nothing more than to strike at Fae Rhan himself.

Zokrym is the first Talan to talk to Cutter Slade, sending him on his first steps to saving Adelpha and promising to use his resources to help find the Probe in return.

Zokrym can usually be found in his cabin in Ranzaar, smoking a pipe or putting logs on the fire, though he often wanders about to speak with the rebels and his son Jan.


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