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Map of Shamazaar

Shamazaar, the World of Temples, is a tropical region of Adelpha, and the first region Cutter Slade visits upon leaving Ranzaar.

The region is notable as a center for religious activity on Adelpha, with temples built for each of the four Essences and their respective Yods contained within. The Temple Fae is the largest by far after being rebuilt by Fae Rhan, resembling a fortress in current times. It is also home to the Well of Essence, which all young Talan must come to visit when they reach adulthood in order to awaken their specific essence, indicating their role in society.

This fertile region is also the primary source for riss across the planet. Rice paddies cover 80% of the habitable surface, most of the Shamazaar population working as riss farmers. Though the harvested riss is exported to other regions via Daoka, the majority of it goes to feed the Soldiers of Fae Rhan, leaving common Talan with very little.

Many tree stumps can be seen dotting the region, indicating it may at one point have been far more densely forested.

Notable Talan[]

Name Role Location
Clath Recreator Village
Ilott Farmer Riss Fields
Maar Leader Village
Naarn Farmer Temple Fae (after speaking with Mazum)
Mazum Shamaz Temple Eluee
Zeb Shamaz Village
Zeo Caretaker Well of Essence



The Temple Fae stands in the center of the region, with the rest of the Temples located to the north-east. The Well of Essence can be found between these temples.

There are four Daokas In Shamazaar: One to Talanzaaar, by the village, and two in the Temple Fae, leading directly to soldier camps in Motazaar and Okasankaar. To the south-east is a small lake, hiding the Daoka to Ranzaar. This is where Cutter first arrives in the region.

Scattered around the region are four riss storehouses, three of them heavily guarded by Fae Soldiers. There is a small village to the south-west, consisting of a few homes and some Twon-Ha pens. It also contains the only unguarded riss storehouse.

Between the Ranzaar Daoka and the village is a large mound that Cutter can climb, with a Ventilope nest on top, holding some goodies such as ammo and helidium.

To the north-west lies a Ventilope Training Camp, blocked off by strange energy barriers that repel anyone that approaches. Ventilope fly by and drop rocks on anyone that ventures too close.


Twon-Ha, Gamor and Krakit alike roam freely in this region.

Though there are a few wild Twon-Ha, most have been tamed by Zalinass and put to work in the riss fields. The Gamor only reveal themselves when they hunt.