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Okriana is the largest city on Adelpha, in the Talanzaar region. It is the only city in the region.


The city market districts called Boks, each of the Bok specializes in selling different items. There are ten different Boks in total.

Fruit Bok

Here, fruit is sold. Mored seems to be the most popular seller.

Brewer Bok

Here, Lampe is made and sold.

Construction Bok

Meat Bok

All meat is sold here, the most popular merchant being Ominel.

Builders Bok

Riss Bok

Riss is sold here, most talan get their riss from Yagu or Nikaa.

Sankaar Bok

Here is where the sankaar caught in Okasankaar are sold.

Animal Skin Bok

Here animal skins are processed and sold, Jokace is skilled at this.

Pottery Bok

Here pottery is made and sold, Tezu seems to be the recommended merchant.

Riss Bok

Here spice is sold, the recommended merchant is Zagu.